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As a Polish manufacturer of preparations for animals, we try to actively participate in events that take place on the zoological market, and support such initiatives. Below you can get up to speed on the events in which we took part.


Our offer now includes 3 NEW products

Our offer now includes 3 NEW products dr Seidel snacks for dogs Read more


Complete milk replacers for puppies and kittens

Dr Seidel’s brand offer has been expanded with new products Read more


New – 5 snacks by Dr Seidel for cats

Our product range has been expanded by five NEW snacks. We have prepared them to meet the needs of cats which often suffer from various health problems. Read more


Online Dog Olfactory Conference

DermaPharm Laboratory and the Dr Seidel Foundation, as main sponsors, invite all stakeholders and science enthusiasts to the first international online Dog Olfactory Conference organised by Ethoplanet Read more


We have been featured on the Notokoty blog

The post featured Atraktis preparation with catnip and Malt anti-hairball paste for cats Read more


New version of DermaPharm Laboratory Ltd. website.

For your convenience we have launched the DermaPharm Laboratory Ltd. website in new version... Read more

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