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Dr Seidel advices:

How to care for your cat’s coat?

Beautiful, strong, shiny coat is the pride of a healthy cat. Most cats can handle self-grooming just fine... Read more

Cat’s first moments at home

New house, new objects, new smells, new people... Such conditions might be very stressful for a cat, an animal that appreciates stability and routine. Read more

How to protect your garden from your pets?

Your dog keeps romping around in your flowerbeds or marks your conifers with urine? Your cat has decided that the recently planted bed is a perfect litter box? Read more

How to travel safely with a cat?

Travelling with a cat may constitute a real challenge, so if you travel often and know that your cat will need to accompany you, it is essential to... Read more

How to teach a cat not to scratch...

Some behaviours of cats can be awkward for us. Certainly, they include scratching... Read more

How to bathe your dog or cat yourself?

More and more often, we pay attention to whether a dog or cat has clean… Read more

Pheromones – what does it smell...

Many owners of dogs and cats have experienced, or will experience, negative consequences of stress... Read more

Cleanliness training for puppies

As soon as your puppy arrives at your house, a wonderful journey of the whole family into the animal world begins. Read more

Dietary supplements for animals

The quality and life expectancy of people and animals is largely determined by a balanced diet. Read more

Oral hygiene of animals

In order to stay healthy, first you need to have healthy teeth. When left untreated, they can be the cause of kidney... Read more